Strip lashes vs Eyelash Extensions

Strip lashes vs Eyelash Extensions

Author: AdminFebruary 6, 2020

Which one is better ? Strip Eyelashes or Eyelash Extensions ? Let’s see the pros and cons of each:

Strip lashes: various shapes and lengths from peak to crossing types, more creative in terms of occasion from office to carnival, can be ” DO IT YOUR SELF”  easily at any time and any places, easy to take out and wash out reduce the stress of damage lashes, can change styles as much as you want, saving time each time applying.

On the other hand, strip lashes in some cases peeling off due to poor applying manner or inadequate of glue , bad glue. The strip it self leave a line in between lashes and eye’s lid. Need time to learn how to apply,

Eyelash Extensions: Nicely lashes arrangement, stay stable, no line in between lashes and eye’s lids.

Lashes drop off during the life leaving ugly look if not fill up timely. Can not DIY and need to spend more time and budget for extension.

Strip Lashes found to be more common use and can be DIY than Eyelash Extensions ! What do you think ?