How well do you understand about eyelash materials ?

How well do you understand about eyelash materials ?

Author: AdminJanuary 13, 2020

There have many type of materials used for making eyelashes.

There have some paragraphs mentioned about cloths, paper was used for decoration of eyelashes however within this blog we would focus on the material used mostly and commercially. 

At the very first eyelashes are made of from real human hair, and it still remains till now because of it’s nature as their name in terms of color and friendly.

Synthetic fiber was manufactured for hair extensions,wigs and knitted eyelashes, the other type of synthetic fiber that used for making eyelashes is as same as brush fiber which are taper at tips.

Recently, mink fur is used to make eyelashes at some manufacturers and controversially due to the cruelty again the animal. The term of faux mink and silk is another name of synthetic fiber that involve more features like silky, soft and lighter.