The meaning of Eyelash’s shapes

Author: AdminMarch 13, 2020

There have many shapes of human eyes such as almond eyes, round eyes, mono-lid eyes, close-set eyes. Accordingly, each type if match the right eyelashes will create a perfect make-up. Our sales will help to consult to choose the right one for you.


  • ‘Almond eyes’ : are considered the eye shape that will fit for all strip lash type.
  • Deep-set eyes: With this type of eyes, your eyes are set farther into the skull. The proper lashes for this eye are longer in length at the center of the lashes.
  • Downturned eyes: People who has downturned eyes, the eyes has a slight drop at the outer corners. Try a shorter eyelash that has longer in the outer corners.
  • Hooded eyes: with this type of eye, the lid appears smaller. A thin strip lash in a shorter length is the best one for this eye shape.
    Prominent eyes: With this type of eye, the eyelids are more on the outside of the eye socket area. By balancing the top lashes and the bottom lash will give the illusion of pushing back your eyes.