Applying Fake Lashes – advices from experts

Applying Fake Lashes – advices from experts

Author: AdminNovember 21, 2020

Now that you’ve got the basics of how to put on fake eyelashes, here are advices from experienced makeup artists!

Trial with different pairs of false eyelashes

When it comes to false lashes, one size doesn’t fit all.  However, you can customize and shape them in perfectly look. You can first measure the lashes, lay them down above your real lashes. This will give you an idea of how the lash will sit on your unique eye shape and how much to cut away. Use scissor to trim, makes them more comfortable to wear and prevents them from popping up.

apply fake eyelashes



Try using half or ¾ lashes styles

In some case, you do not need to cut the lashes, as there have plenty of styles are half or ¾ lashes are ready made. The idea of half and ¾ lashes t to just the outer corners of your eye, it creates a cool cat-eye effect.

applying fake lashes applying fake lashes

Pay attention to eyelash band

There are different materials used to produce eyelash band, such as thread band, clear band and silk band.  Among these, silk band found to be softest and thinnest.  It is so important that you choose thinner band lashes such as silk band eyelashes, it is experienced that silk band eyelashes are well bonding and lighter, easier to curve before wearing.

applying fake lashes applying fake lashes applying fake lashes

Should not apply lashes before eyeshadow and eyeliner

Adding eyelashes should be one of the last steps in your eye makeup routine. If you apply them first, you might end up with eyeshadow fallout on top of them.

apply fake eyelashes

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