Best Lashes for Monolid Eyes

Best Lashes for Monolid Eyes

Author: AdminMarch 5, 2021

If you have a mono-lid eye shape, you may find it hard to apply makeup to your area, as unlike other eye shapes there is no established crease, which makes it more difficult to brush on eyeshadow or put on eyeliner. However, this should not discourage you from avoiding your eyes, as they are a key feature which should be framed and embellished to enhance their natural beauty.

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To help you enhance your mono-lid eyes, this guide provides you with professional makeup tips which will help your eyes stand out. It also includes advice on which false eyelashes are best for mono-lid eyes, as choosing the right style will prevent your eyes from looking small and flat, while also making your eyes stand out.

What are Mono-lid Eyes?

Mono-lid eyes or are a type of eye shape which do not have a crease which is why those with a mono-lid shape typically use double eyelid tape to create the illusion of a crease. If you have mono-lid eyes, then you will also notice that your lids are flatter and your brow bones are less prominent, so these need to be highlighted when applying your makeup.

Mono-lids are a common feature among East Asians who use a variety of makeup techniques to create a contoured crease and enhance their eyes. Some people with a mono-lid eye shape also use false eyelashes to accentuate their eyes. However, they have to be careful as some lashes tend to overwhelm the eye and make them look sunken.

What are the Best Eyelashes for Mono-lid Eyes?

If you have mono-lid eyes, it can be quite difficult to apply fake eyelashes, as mono-lid eyes tend to cover the top of the natural lashes. However, this should not discourage anyone from using false eyelashes, as they can do wonders for mono-lid eye shapes.

When choosing false lashes for your mono-lid eyes, you should try to pick a product that has a shorter lash length with a natural aesthetic as this will not weigh down the eye. To help you select the right false eyelashes, here are some of the best false eyelashes for mono-lid eyes.

Silk Band Eyelash D1

These lashes are ideal for mono-lid eyes offer a natural look due to them being made from real human hair. They also have a graduated length which offers a glamourous aesthetic without looking over the top. These false eyelashes are also super lightweight and very easy to apply, which is perfect for a day-to-day makeup look.

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3D multi-layered eyelash E2

Medium-length eyelashes like  3D Milti-layered E2 lashes are the perfect size for monolid eyes, as they provide natural and soft volume without overwhelming the eyes.

You can get your money’s worth with these false eyelashes as they can be reused up to ten times and they are also easy to apply, so you can wear them for day and night events.

mono lid

Double up eyelash E9

Another popular medium-length false eyelash product is Double up eyelash E9 which have a long-angled style and provide a twisty finish. These false lashes are ideal for monolid eyes as it provides just the right amount of volume and length while also being very easy to put on.

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